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The Guilty Pig Reviews

You totally outdid yourself tonight! The chili was amazing and the salad with bacon ranch dressing was the BEST I have ever tasted!! I could eat a salad EVERYDAY if YOU fixed it!! We are all wishing we had bought more snickerdoodle cupcakes! We will next time! THANKS FOR A DYNAMITE DINNER!!!Joy T.

You're the best! Thanks for another incredible night.Vines + Vows Weddings

Ok, so I never win anything! Well the other day I won a gift certificate to The Guilty Pig and let me tell y'all it was delicious! She fed our math department on Tuesday and it was scrumptious! I didn’t get a picture of all the food. It was so yummy, it was all gone! Thank you Wendy Canterbury Price! It was so good!Jodi W.

THANKS! It was so so good!! Sydney wanted you to know the Mac and Cheese bites were the BOMB!! She ate about 10 of them.Joy T.

It was excellent, you got the George Black seal of approval!Heather N.

It was delicious! Thanks for another excellent meal!Betty W.

Supper was delicious and cupcakes were delicious too.Betty W.

OMG! The Snickerdoodle cupcakes are fabulous!Pam B.

The girls said they can’t wait for tomorrow because YOUR cooking! I laughed and asked who is the BEST cook and all 3 together said MRS WENDY!!!Joy T.

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